This 1/2” mix is designed for filling planter boxes or building a garden. Consists of approximately 45% screened topsoil, 45% peat moss, and 10% bovine manure.


Washed sand can be used in play areas and as bedding sand for paving stone construction projects.


Topsoil is screened with a 3/4" mesh, resulting in a rich loam free from large debris.


Designed for amending existing gardens, this well-aged composted manure is shredded to 3/4” for easy tilling.


Ideal for topdressing lawns, screened to 1/2” this blend consists of screened topsoil, compost, and sand.


Often called weeping tile rock, this fractured rock product is free of sand and clay and is frequently used as a final layer for parking pads and driveways. It is commonly used as a drainage rock for foundations.


Used on top of a compacted base for leveling and further compaction in preparation for concrete pads and sidewalks as well as paving stone projects. Consists of sand, stone, and clay particles screened to under 3/8”.

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