Sourced direct from a local wood processing facility, this coniferous bark is used as an organic mulch around trees and shrubs. With its course appearance, this product contains larger pieces of wood and bark.

This coniferous bark product has been ground with a 2” screen for a finer and consistent product. Spreads easily and settles nicely, offering better stability and water retention characteristics than in its raw form.

A mix of clay, rock (up to 3”), and sand that compacts very well as a base for driveways, paving stone, and gravel parking pads.

This 1/2” mix is designed for filling planter boxes or building a garden. Consists of approximately 50% screened topsoil and 50% multi-source compost (bovine manure and green waste).

Washed sand can be used in play areas and as bedding sand for paving stone construction projects.

Topsoil is screened with a 3/4" mesh, resulting in a rich loam free from large debris.

Designed for amending existing gardens, this well-aged composted manure is shredded to 3/4” for easy tilling.

Ideal for topdressing lawns, this 1/2” blend consists of screened topsoil, compost, and sand.

Provides a stunning look for shrub beds. This wood fiber is ground and uniformly coated with a safe and long-lasting colorant. Colors available include black, red, and amber.

Often called weeping tile rock, this fractured rock product is free of sand and clay and is frequently used as a final layer for parking pads and driveways. It is commonly used as a drainage rock for foundations.

Used on top of a compacted base for leveling and further compaction in preparation for concrete pads and sidewalks as well as paving stone projects. Consists of sand, stone, and clay particles screened to under 3/8”.

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